Our Commitment to Quality

We source the finest quality essential oils and blends (at the lowest possible cost) to protect and care for the people we love most. We only purchase the highest-quality pure-grade and certified organic essential oils from our suppliers. We know from our extensive research experience that the highest quality oils are the most effective.

Our commitment to quality is based on our years of research experience: we use only pure-grade and certified organic essential oils whose quality has been independently verified by a third-party--rather than relying on a company-sponsored process for determining quality. We work directly with our suppliers to select specific plant species from specific locales. We deliberately choose the best suppliers, plant species, and batches for our customers, and we know what makes them the most effective.

We start with the highest-quality essential oils.

We only offer certified organic and pure-grade oils. Pure-grade and certified organic essential oils are the safest and most effective.

We use botanical names to be transparent about what's in our products.

We use botanical names because not all plant varieties in the same family are the same. We're transparent about the plant oils we choose to carry because some plant varieties are more effective for certain applications. That way, you know exactly what you're getting. Some essential oil sellers aren't clear about the plant varieties they provide, which allows them to use less potent or adulterated essential oils, or oils that are a combination of several plant varieties.

We authenticate the quality of our essential oils by an independent third party.

We authenticate the quality of our essential oils by an independent third-party vendor. We don't make up our own quality grades or verification procedures.