Our Story

As a company, we have more than 25 years of combined experience in researching and publishing information on the therapeutic use of essential oils. We have worked as advisors and consultants to some of the largest essential oil companies in the United States.

Over the years, using and testing essential oils has become second nature for our family. We decided to use our professional experience to source the finest quality essential oils and blends (at the lowest possible cost) to protect and care for the people we love most. We only purchase the highest-quality pure-grade and certified organic essential oils from our suppliers. We know from our extensive research experience that the highest quality essential oils are the most effective.

After seeing--firsthand--the therapeutic benefit of using high quality essential oils combined with scientific research, we decided to offer our products and expertise directly to customers. Our essential oil products are available directly from our home to yours--not through a downline, upline, or retail location--which lets us offer you a high-quality product at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our commitment to quality is based on our years of research experience: we use only pure-grade and certified organic essential oils whose quality has been independently verified by a third-party--not by an in-house or company-sponsored quality control process. We work directly with our suppliers to select specific plant species from particular locales. We deliberately choose the best suppliers, plant species, and batches for our customers, and we know what makes them the most effective.

We've designed our essential oil products for everyone--from casual consumers to experienced aromatherapists--by bringing a discerning eye to the quality and usage of essential oil products. But ultimately, for us, it all comes back to our family. And because we give the same care and attention to our customers that we do to those we love most, that makes you family too.